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Delta Health locations

Delta Health is a county-wide healthcare system with multiple locations throughout Delta County. Please click on a link below to find out more about each Delta Health  location:

Delta Health Adult Primary Care:

Phone: 970.874.7668
Fax: 970.874.0708

Delta Health Family Medicine:

Phone: 970.874.5777
Fax: 970.546.4030

Delta Health Home Health:

Phone: 970.874.2463
Fax: 970.874.2477

Delta Health Hospital:

Phone: 970.874.7681

Delta Health Oncology and Hematology:

Phone: 970.399.2895
Fax: 970.874.6447

Delta Health Outpatient Therapies & Sports Performance:

Phone: 970.874.2250
Fax: 970.874.2299

Delta Health Pain Center

Phone: 970.546.4010
Fax: 970.546.4016

Delta Health Pediatrics:

Phone: 970.546.4000
Fax: 970.546.4001

Delta Health Pulmonology:

Phone: 970.399.2635
Fax: 970.399.2685

Delta Health Surgical:

Phone: 970.874.8026
Fax: 970.874.5430

Delta Health Urology:

Phone: 970.8399.2890
Fax: 970.399.2891

Delta Health West Elk Hotchkiss:

Phone: 970.872.1400
Fax: 970.399.2737

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